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My name is Shanti Yoria. I am a professional artist, who absolutely delights in capturing your beloved pet in fine, detailed painting!

I am self taught, beginning passionately with people portraits in my early years, then later enjoying the beauty of realism in nature, and on into exploring my mystical inner visions. 

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You can start by simply sending me your favorite photo(s), telling me about your beloved pet and what's meaningful to you. Please look for photos that are in clear focus. The better quality your photo is, the more detail I have to work with.

I'll look over them and choose one I feel would be perfect for producing a high quality portrait. General size is around 16"x16" for paintings and 9"x12" for drawings. Exact size will depend on the photo I end up using. Once we both agree (we can communicate back and forth until we decide), the next step is to make a deposit of 50% down (non refundable). Then I head right off to buy the necessary supplies and get to work on your custom portrait!

If you like, I will send you photos of progress along the way. Or, if you'd rather be surprised, I'll wait and send you a photo of your finished painting for a "Ta-da!" moment and your final approval. 

I do work slowly and carefully, with attention to detail. I prefer not to rush. I do enjoy the process! So your painting may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

But if you have a quick, upcoming special occasion, I offer gift certificates - so you still have a timely present!





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