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Shanti Yoria
Self taught artist Shanti Yoria started drawing as a child, and by the time she reached her teenage years, she had become a proficient portrait artist. It was in her early 30's that Shanti began delving into the acrylic medium, exploring realism with a strong emphasis on nature as a subject. This led to her organically finding her niche in the visionary art world when she created her first major work, Prima Gaia in 2012. "This was my vision of a new Earth," says Shanti. Working as a massage therapist as well as a hypnotherapist, this very powerful and hopeful piece was a natural extension of her desire to heal others. "I meditate for guidance from higher consciousness and then receive messages in the form of nearly complete images," says the intuitive artist. "I realized early on that these messages were not only meant for my own healing process, but for healing others as well," she adds.

When not focusing on visionary art pieces, Shanti also specializes in pet portraits. And because of her deep spirituality and empathy, her clients who are often in the grieving process, will frequently comment on her ability to capture the "soul" of her subjects. Working from her Houston home studio, Shanti sells originals, prints, and is available for commissions.





Exhibitions & Festivals


Art Outside. Apache Pass, TX


Lovin’ the Cafe. Houston, TX


Euphoria Festival. Austin, TX


Be: Tribe- with Nadis Warriors and Kaminanda. Dallas, TX



Govinda and David Starfire Concert at Last Concert Cafe. Houston, TX 


Art Shows

Canvas Art Show Avant Garden. Houston, TX. 2014



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